2019 Event Rules

Once teams have received course maps & notes, it is forbidden for any team member to enter the event route until your race has officially begun.

Teams must carry the timing transponder allocated to them throughout the race. The transponder must be returned to the finish line. Any teams losing their timing transponder will incur a replacement fee.

All team members must wear their race team bibs throughout the race, and bibs must be worn over the outer garment or piece of equipment. (Packs can be worn over your race bib)

Race bibs must not be cut or modified in any way. Race bibs must be returned at the finish line. Any damage or loss of a race bib will incur a repair or full replacement fee.

Teams must start in the Start Wave assigned to them.

Team members must stay together and in sight of one another (with no more than 50m separating the leading member and trailing team member) at all times.

Teams must carry their entire individual and team compulsory gear throughout the entire race, on all hiking and mountain bike stages. The only exception is during the raft stage - which includes the short stage to the rafts.

Teams cannot receive assistance or direction from their supporters. Supporters are not permitted to visit unsupported Transition Areas if there are any.

Teams must follow instructions detailed on their event course maps/race notes and discussed at their respective briefing– especially where road safety is a concern.

On the rafting, life vests (provided) must be worn correctly by every team member, you must wear your own rafting or biking helmet, a wetsuit and footwear.

A head touch with fresh batteries must be carried by all team members throughout the course of the event for 6 & 9-hour teams, 3-hour teams only need one torch per team.

Parts of the event may be on open public roads. NO roads are closed for this event, normal road rules apply at all times. You are responsible for your own safety.

In line with NZ Law, a front (white) and rear (red) light must be fitted when riding in the dark.

If your team misses one CP or more, there will be a 2-hour penalty for each CP missed. Teams that collect all CP’s will be placed above teams that miss any.

NO GPS units or devices are permitted to be used. (bike computers are allowed provided all they show is speed, distance and time ) see info below

NO E-bikes or power assisted bikes of any sort.

Cell phones must be fully charged, turned OFF and carried in sealed watertight bags. They may only be opened and turned on to use in the case of an emergency.

The complete team must enter and exit all TA’s together.

Teams must follow instructions from event staff / marshals and event signs encountered throughout the course of the event.

Teams and any supporters of teams must respect the rights of local landowners, residents, business owners and general public at all times.

No supporters of teams are allowed to venture onto private land.

Use gates where ever possible to pass from one side of a fence to the other. Either open and close the gate or climb it at the hinge end only. Leave any gates as you find them. If in doubt – please close it.

Littering is prohibited. If you do see litter please pick it up.

Toilets amenities must be used wherever possible.

Any complaints in respect to breaches in the race rules must be reported in writing to the Race Director within one hour of a team finishing. The Race Director with select panel of staff will undertake a private consideration with the appropriate action and/or penalty decided upon based on the nature and severity of the offense. Their decision will be final.

If one of the team members withdraw during the event, teams can continue 2 team members with Race Directors permission.

Any complete team withdrawing from the event must notify the nearest event TA immediately. The withdrawing team then must also visit the race finish line to return their teams timing transponder and complete set of race bibs.

In the course notes, any text that states you must is a compulsory rule.

All team members must pass within 10-metres of each control flag.

Teams must follow instructions detailed in course notes – especially where road safety is a concern

You cannot change team members during the event.

Any teams missing compulsory gear will be subject to a time penalty.

You must exit TA’s through the timing area

Any breaches in the rules will incur a penalty decided by the Race Jury

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