“We are providing FREE finishing line photos of the Cromwell Spring Challenge to help celebrate your team’s achievement! We’ll get them up as fast as we can after the event, and for your convenience we are using a new website to help you find your pictures. You will be able to view and download the digital images you want by entering your Bib Number or uploading a selfie.

Click on this link: https://geosnapshot.com/e/cromwellspring-challenge.

1. Enter the password “spring” & either enter your BIB number or upload a selfie to help identify your team’s images.

2. Add the images you want to your cart

3. Download the FREE images courtesy of the Cromwell Spring Challenge team.

Should you have any queries please contact the Lead Photographer: Clare Toia-Bailey clare@image-central.co.nz. Your patience is appreciated as we process & upload thousands of FREE images