Support Crew

Each team needs their own support crew. The role of the support crew is to manage the teams logistics, to meet the team at the start and end of each stage where the team changes from one discipline to the next.

The support crew drops their team at the start line then goes to transition area one (TA1) to meet their team after the first stage. The team arrives at the TA and then changes and resupplies to what they need for the next stage. Then they meet their support crew at the next TA.

A support crew role can be done by one person but ideally two people is best (especially for a 4-person team).

Each team is permitted one vehicle to enter the TA.
4-person teams should be okay to have 2-vehicles if necessary, discuss this with event staff at registration.

Tips for support crew;

  • be well planned before the event, it is the teams responsibility to make sure their support crew know what is required and how it works.

  • once the course details have been released, spend time going over how the TA will work, what gear will be dropped, what will be picked up, what the team may need

  • study map and know how to find your way to the TA’s (map is supplied)

  • a 4x4 or AWD vehicle is best, with a full tank of fuel

  • go directly from one TA to the next, ‘set up and wait’ is the motto

  • get everything ready for the teams arrival, and then get everything ready for what the team needs for the next stage

  • always check they have the correct compulsory gear, maps and they have their control card

  • have water, drinks and easy to eat snacks accessible

  • have a box of handy bits & bobs - sun screen, insect repellent, anti chafing cream, toilet paper, first aid etc

  • bike pump, tools, cleaning and repair kit

  • a groundsheet to stand on and keep gear off the ground is useful. In bad weather, umbrellas can be good, or a fast and easy pop-up tent. Chairs can be nice but a luxury item and time is rapidly absorbed when people sit down.

  • a few towels always seem to get used

  • at the finish line, have some dry and warm gear for the team to put on when they finish, and maybe a few treats ;-)