We have fielded a lot of questions this year about what technology is permitted to be used in the event.
We adopt the standard adventure racing rules. It's probably best to start with what you are allowed.
- watches (time, stopwatch, altimetre)
- bike speedo / computer (it is okay if it uses GPS to measure speed and distance but you cannot use a GPS bike computer that gives you your location, either by coordinates or on a visual screen map)
- exception to many events, we do allow Fitbits and similar devices that record data which you can access after the event.
- GPS of any form on hiking stages. (see note re GPS regarding bike speedo / computer)
- Any electronic measuring device on hiking stages used to help navigation
- Any device that gives you your location (mobile phone, GPS & others)

This essentially means in the race you can have a watch that gives you the time and maybe altitude. On your bike you can have a speedo that gives your speed and distance covered. Other than those things, the navigation is map and compass. In your backpack you can carry a data recording device provided it stays out of sight and not used during the race.